Wufoo is an online based survey, which offers lot of data collection tools for their customers (Wufoo, 2006). In my experience of using wufoo it was very helpful, because we could quickly collect quite lot of data for our research. Because people answer directly to the site it becomes very easy to work with and does not consume very much time. What I have found very effective is that you can post the wufoo web-link to you Facebook or twitter profile and people can answer there by clicking the link. The same can be done by using email, which I personally did and the results were fairly good. This is an easy way of how to collect lot of data is short period of time. Using wufoo as


an online market research tool is simple, it is very easy to set it up and write up all your research questions, which people will be answering. When writing up the questions and creating the survey, from my own experience it takes no longer than 20 minutes, therefore it is very effective for the time you put in and the number of completed survey you will receive. The great point about wufoo is that you can create a professional looking data survey which can than reach large amount of people due to options of posting the link to online social media websites, emails and actual websites.

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Market research

When making a new product it is important to know what product or service people want and will use. Market research includes the design, idea and concept that need to to be found and tested before it can be launched. There are many options of research when creating a new product or service. You can create surveys, for example using wufoo which will collect information of what people have answered. Other option is to use questionnaires,which will help you to investigate into more details. Other options of market research are interviews which can give you very good information about the market where you want to place the product.

Market research

These options will give the chance to collect lot of information from many different people. If you would use wufoo in order to collect the data it will also save you some time, which is very good advantage. It is important to decide in what areas of market you want to investigate in order to be as effective as possible. Than create a set of questions that are directly concentrating on what yo need to find about the market, that will help you to launch the product or service. When you have a good idea about the market from the information that were collected you can launch the product.

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Internet marketing analytics

When looking at Internet analysis it is important to know what people do on the site. You need to know what sort of pages do customers visit, what they click on and what they purchase. The important part to it is to figure out how do customers find your page and what key words they click on. In order for people to find your site easily, it needs to be adjusted for them by having the key words they are looking for. Many people use Google analytic because it is free  It helps you to find out where are the customers of your site coming from and how often they come back. Google analytics is used by

Google analytics

50% of the top 10 000 websites according to Internet analytics. Google analytics can became very helpful when organising your site and trying to have as most customers as you can. in this picture we can see how Google analytics manages your site and what sort of information can you find. It is important when having a site to make sure your customers stay there as long as possible in order to browse all your pages. When analysing a site you can see how many people stay on each page and how many of them stay longer and continue browsing. Also many people just come to the site and leave and this creates bounce rate.bounce rate is not good for your site, therefore you have to try to keep it as low as possible.

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Social Media

Today millions of people around the world use social media,it is a quick way of communication, sharing and also free advertising for companies. According to article of the top 15 used social media Facebook placed as number one. Facebook was launched in February 2004 and gain a huge number of users and became the most popular social site ever.  Facebook is the most popular social media site with over 1 billion active users. This means that when companies advertise directly to Facebook they have a huge number of potential customer which is enormous advantage for them.


Many companies such as Burberry use Facebook as a place of their advertisement  and a place of communication with their customers.  Facebook marketing is very good because you have the chance of posting pictures, videos and also look for reviews from your customers. According to the article about Facebook marketing it is important to keep the information you posting short and very clear, and also use lot of pictures because they can describe much more than words can. As I have mentioned before using Facebook you can reach large number of potential customer and therefore it is important to make sure your company can stand above other and be visible on Facebook in order to have a successful marketing campaign there. From my own personal opinion it is also important for the company to be able to answer to your questions in fairly short period of time, which will create better relationship and the customer will be more satisfied. Facebook is a modern and very effective way of how to advertise online for free and reach huge amount of people.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great tool to connect, communicate and improve relationship with existing and new potential customers. You can use email to sent direct emails and try to build up a loyalty with the customers and at the same time you can advertise and market your products to them. According to article on shoppers love email, it says that email is used at 37% for promotion by shops in the US. A direct email has a promotional message in its form. This mail is used to announce an special event and you can target the message according to interest of your customers, age or location. Other form of email is called a retention email.

Promotion method graph

This is email should inform the customer and it is used to extend and improve a long term relationship with the current customers. Email marketing is very effective because it is only up to you how is your email going to be designed and who it will target it to. This can be done according to the age of customers you want to advertise, location or you can decide just to inform your most loyal customers and therefore they fell more cared about and it will improve the general relationship between you and them. Other important point when sending out email messages it is important to go straight to the point because customers don’t want to be solving the email. The points of the email need to be simple and visible and as most as attractive for you customer in order to gain their attention.

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WordPress.org and wordpress.com

WordPress logo

The difference between wordpress.org and wordpress.com is that the .com is open software open to everyone and it is for free. It is used to create blogs, however it is for free it does have certain limitations. The wordpress.com is hosted; therefore you don’t need to pay for a host. When using word press .org it is also again for creating blogs, however in this case the software does not provide hosting, which means you need to pay extra money for a host who will give you domain name. This then allows you to be very flexible in your customizing.

When using wordpress.com you are limited on space, therefore you can’t create too many blogs, since you only have one sort of channel. Also when using the .com you are not allowed to put advertisements of any type, which is consider as another limitation. Using the wordpress.com is mostly for beginners who don’t need to create many blog channels and also it require minimum knowledge to work with wordpress.com.

On the other hand when using the wordpress.org you can create more channels for your blog and also you are able to customize your blog to details. Other advantage is that you are allowed to put advertisements on your blog. When using wordpress.org it requires more knowledge to operate with it. WordPress.org is more suitable for blogs which have lot of traffic because you have a host who can handle such an amount of traffic.

Other possible blog option is tumbler which is blog software but it is made in to a social media. This software is for free to everyone; however not like wordpress.com this software/webpage allows you to be creative with the design of the site. This is why it is very popular between individuals and companies. Other advantage is that you can post photos just like on Facebook or twitter. This is where it becomes more like social media webpage, because it allows you to post photos without any title.  It is very effective because it allows you to create a blog that looks like a webpage.

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