Wufoo is an online based survey, which offers lot of data collection tools for their customers (Wufoo, 2006). In my experience of using wufoo it was very helpful, because we could quickly collect quite lot of data for our research. Because people answer directly to the site it becomes very easy to work with and does not consume very much time. What I have found very effective is that you can post the wufoo web-link to you Facebook or twitter profile and people can answer there by clicking the link. The same can be done by using email, which I personally did and the results were fairly good. This is an easy way of how to collect lot of data is short period of time. Using wufoo as


an online market research tool is simple, it is very easy to set it up and write up all your research questions, which people will be answering. When writing up the questions and creating the survey, from my own experience it takes no longer than 20 minutes, therefore it is very effective for the time you put in and the number of completed survey you will receive. The great point about wufoo is that you can create a professional looking data survey which can than reach large amount of people due to options of posting the link to online social media websites, emails and actual websites.

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