SEM (search engine marketing)

Search engine marketing

When using PPC, pay per click it will show immediate results which is a great benefit for the company, because they will know what keywords to use. There is great control of it, therefore it can be changed from day to day and look for new key words. When using organic search which is for free, there is great opportunity for company and individuals to use it for long time, however most people will click on the top sites. This might be a problem if they are not known These will guarantee to the company that they will have better idea of what are people looking at their site and what key words they are using to get to the site, which can be than changed and improved in order to have better trafficking. It will increase the brand awareness which is advantage for the company. More possible viewers will be looking at your site, which could bring you more sales for example when dealing with blog. It will also attract more targeted audience due to key words that the company will have after their research and it will match with the words that customers are looking for. Also here is an video for better understanding of SEM.

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