Public relation

public relations

Public relation is a tactical way of an online communication, through E-mail, Facebook, internet websites and many others. This helps to create a better relationship with your customers. When a company has a better relationship with its customer they are more likely to come back or shop more often. They need to be sending email or give them calendars for example, it also depend on the company. Either way this will show them that the company cares about them, therefore they will be more satisfied. It is important to talk to them give them good offers and they to make them loyal to your company. Public relation will improve the way your customers think about you and the word of mouth will attract even more new customers. This is very beneficial to you because it doesn’t cost any money at all.Because of Internet companies can have conversations on both online and offline media which again might improve the loyalty of your customers. In order to be affective in public relations you will need to have good communication skills, knowledge about communication and be able to use online media such as blogs.

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