Internet marketing analytics

When looking at Internet analysis it is important to know what people do on the site. You need to know what sort of pages do customers visit, what they click on and what they purchase. The important part to it is to figure out how do customers find your page and what key words they click on. In order for people to find your site easily, it needs to be adjusted for them by having the key words they are looking for. Many people use Google analytic because it is free  It helps you to find out where are the customers of your site coming from and how often they come back. Google analytics is used by

Google analytics

50% of the top 10 000 websites according to Internet analytics. Google analytics can became very helpful when organising your site and trying to have as most customers as you can. in this picture we can see how Google analytics manages your site and what sort of information can you find. It is important when having a site to make sure your customers stay there as long as possible in order to browse all your pages. When analysing a site you can see how many people stay on each page and how many of them stay longer and continue browsing. Also many people just come to the site and leave and this creates bounce rate.bounce rate is not good for your site, therefore you have to try to keep it as low as possible.

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