How to make your blog more visible

Search engine optimization process

It is true that blogs are hard to find on the internet, especially when they are not big and very know. The completion on online sites and blogs is fairly big, therefore it is important for you to know what people are searching for. If you know that you will have higher chance of being found. My blog for the class of Internet marketing is very small and not know. Therefore search engine marketing could help me to change that. Search engine marketing will help me to figure what keywords are people typing in order to find my blog, this means I could than go and change the words in my blog more in order for my readers to find me quicker and also have more people reading my blog through the new keywords that where the most popular while searching. This is a great way of how to have higher blog traffic, and reach greater number of people.  I could test PPC (pay per click) to see what people are most clicking at and then change my words to have the highest possible trafficking but for free. Or use tools such as Google analytics and see if my customers are staying at my site or if they are just bouncing, this would mean that it is probably not what they are looking for. All this would help me to change my keywords or the whole blog post in order to have more visitors and fewer bouncers. In my other blog post I have described what PPC is and how it works and also how can Google analytics help you with blogs or other webpages.

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