Digital marketing and eCRM

digital marketing

ECRM– known as electronic customer relationship marketing is there to manage the relationship with the customers, by using strategies to recognize and accomplish the customers’ needs. Digital marketing is very important now days, because all companies are advertising online through internet. They use computers, phones, tables and all digital apparatus. In this case the eCRM becomes very important and plays significant role, because it manages all the information about the customers and companies in order to have better relationship with them and making sure that the customers will stay loyal to them. It is also very hard to manage information about customers because they are all using digital platforms to do all activities. It can became more efficient than the classical CRM when communications and maintaining information about the customers. ECRM provides business with the ability to communicate with customers over Internet  email, surveys or social media Using eCRM the businesses will have the opportunity to convert social media data into real business data which is important because everybody in businesses is using Internet and social media to maintain relationship with customers. Digital marketing attracted lot of companies because it is cheap and effective of how to promote, advertise and communicate from the business. It is very easy to work with, therefore the company is saving money and also time because they don’t need experts on all stuff to do it.

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