Corporate Blogging


Blogging is effective advertising tool for many companies, there are many advantages to it, but it also comes up with many challenges as well. Benefits of corporate blogging are following. For and organization is can easily develop trust and relationship with their customers and at the same time the company can advertise and promote their existing and new products. Since blogging is very popular these days it will be an advantage for the company because they might have new customers who will find about their product throughout blogging. This could be a younger population, which the company might not have as their main target of advertising. It is very good way of how to introduce experts opinion to the company’s customers, and how to explain to customers how can the product benefit them. Customers have the opportunity to put feedbacks, which are very important for the company. The company can use the customer’s feedback as ideas that could be used for development or just to know how is the company standing. Compare to other options of communication with customers, blogging is very cheap. In my opinion blogging can be very useful, however it does need to be done well and it takes quiet lot of time.

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