Social Media

Today millions of people around the world use social media,it is a quick way of communication, sharing and also free advertising for companies. According to article of the top 15 used social media Facebook placed as number one. Facebook was launched in February 2004 and gain a huge number of users and became the most popular social site ever.  Facebook is the most popular social media site with over 1 billion active users. This means that when companies advertise directly to Facebook they have a huge number of potential customer which is enormous advantage for them.


Many companies such as Burberry use Facebook as a place of their advertisement  and a place of communication with their customers.  Facebook marketing is very good because you have the chance of posting pictures, videos and also look for reviews from your customers. According to the article about Facebook marketing it is important to keep the information you posting short and very clear, and also use lot of pictures because they can describe much more than words can. As I have mentioned before using Facebook you can reach large number of potential customer and therefore it is important to make sure your company can stand above other and be visible on Facebook in order to have a successful marketing campaign there. From my own personal opinion it is also important for the company to be able to answer to your questions in fairly short period of time, which will create better relationship and the customer will be more satisfied. Facebook is a modern and very effective way of how to advertise online for free and reach huge amount of people.

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