Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great tool to connect, communicate and improve relationship with existing and new potential customers. You can use email to sent direct emails and try to build up a loyalty with the customers and at the same time you can advertise and market your products to them. According to article on shoppers love email, it says that email is used at 37% for promotion by shops in the US. A direct email has a promotional message in its form. This mail is used to announce an special event and you can target the message according to interest of your customers, age or location. Other form of email is called a retention email.

Promotion method graph

This is email should inform the customer and it is used to extend and improve a long term relationship with the current customers. Email marketing is very effective because it is only up to you how is your email going to be designed and who it will target it to. This can be done according to the age of customers you want to advertise, location or you can decide just to inform your most loyal customers and therefore they fell more cared about and it will improve the general relationship between you and them. Other important point when sending out email messages it is important to go straight to the point because customers don’t want to be solving the email. The points of the email need to be simple and visible and as most as attractive for you customer in order to gain their attention.

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