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The difference between wordpress.org and wordpress.com is that the .com is open software open to everyone and it is for free. It is used to create blogs, however it is for free it does have certain limitations. The wordpress.com is hosted; therefore you don’t need to pay for a host. When using word press .org it is also again for creating blogs, however in this case the software does not provide hosting, which means you need to pay extra money for a host who will give you domain name. This then allows you to be very flexible in your customizing.

When using wordpress.com you are limited on space, therefore you can’t create too many blogs, since you only have one sort of channel. Also when using the .com you are not allowed to put advertisements of any type, which is consider as another limitation. Using the wordpress.com is mostly for beginners who don’t need to create many blog channels and also it require minimum knowledge to work with wordpress.com.

On the other hand when using the wordpress.org you can create more channels for your blog and also you are able to customize your blog to details. Other advantage is that you are allowed to put advertisements on your blog. When using wordpress.org it requires more knowledge to operate with it. WordPress.org is more suitable for blogs which have lot of traffic because you have a host who can handle such an amount of traffic.

Other possible blog option is tumbler which is blog software but it is made in to a social media. This software is for free to everyone; however not like wordpress.com this software/webpage allows you to be creative with the design of the site. This is why it is very popular between individuals and companies. Other advantage is that you can post photos just like on Facebook or twitter. This is where it becomes more like social media webpage, because it allows you to post photos without any title.  It is very effective because it allows you to create a blog that looks like a webpage.

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