This week we have been discussing the marketing mix in class. Marketing mix is a marketing tool that is helping to make a unique product and differentiate from the other products in the market. The 4’P are price, product, promotion and place. These are very important when making the product so that the company knows who to advertise the product.  We have also talked about different internet marketing portals such as YouTube, Facebook or twitter.  These are very powerful tool to use when a company is trying to reach lot of new customers.  It is very important for companies to know how to be unique and how to reach the highest possible audience (Lambersky, 2012).

For this week’s blog post I have decided to concentrate on YouTube, because I think it is very powerful source of advertising many different products. YouTube is very popular between many companies, one of the reason is because there are millions of possible viewers who can see the advertisement for their product on YouTube.  Second reason is that the advertisements from companies can be shared for free and therefore there will be even more people who have seen it and it can also be putted to the company’s website.  The third point is that having an advertisement (video) on YouTube makes the marketing cost low because putting in on YouTube is for free, therefore the only cost that need to be paid is the making of the video.

Gangnam style video

The best video on YouTube to talk about is done by Korean rapper PSY who’s video has watched over 474 million people. From this we can see that YouTube is very effective media, when trying to advertise your company or yourself. Gangnam style is one the most view video in the history of YouTube. It was on the 9th place last week and still rising (Hernandez, 2012). As we can see from this video it is very effective to be on YouTube because of the massive possible audience.  The hardest part about on being on YouTube is that it is very important to be unique and be different than the   other, because there are already so many videos existing.

 PSY (2012). Gangnam style.  Available at:

YouTube is very well know these day, therefore it is great way of how to market yourself or a company on the internet. I think that everybody who uses internet used YouTube before, therefore it gives you the most possible viewers out of all sites such as Facebook or twitter where you can also represent your company, however not everybody has it. I believe that for a company to operate on YouTube is very easy, low budgeted but extremely effective. As I have mentioned before that all companies can use YouTube, they can show their products in details and have different experts talking about it. Companies can also look at the comments made by their viewers, therefore they can have even more ideas. These days internet marketing is essential for companies and YouTube is definitely one of them.

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