Web hosting is an internet service that allows businesses or individual people to make their website accessible to world web.  There are many different companies that offer web hosting services, and each one of them has a different price and capacity that potential customers can use. I will be looking and comparing 5 of them.

Pricing / Features

Active 24

  • Czech companies (active). Active 24 offers 4 different categories, the cheapest one is for 19 czk a month without the DPH.
  • It offers hosting for 1 site and the space is 500 MB.
  • It claims that they offer non limited data movement and non-limited emails. It also has an FTP (file transfer protocol).


  • They also offer one for 49 czk a month.  One website as well
  • But 1 GB space, for data transfer it is again non limited, it has FTP access.
  • It also offers database


  • They also offer home and business (home: 5GB space, business: 10GB space)
  • Home: 5 websites, non-limited data movement and non-limited emails.
  • 25 FTP and 5 databases.
  • Its cost 129czk a month
  • Business:  10 websites, non-limited data movement and non-limited emails.
  • 50 FTP and 10 databases.
  • Cost: 249 czk a moth

Cesky hosting

  • Cesky hosting offers only one option.  It is 1000czk a year and it offers hosting for multiple websites, they don’t limit data trafficking and they has 24/7 control and 5 GB space (2GB for web, 2GB for email and 1GB for databases).
  • FTP access and it backups your data every 24 hours.

Media temple

  • Media temple: offers shared web hosting for smaller sites or dedicated hosting for big sites (probably not useful for normal company, because it will not use it and it is very expensive)
  • Grid service offer for 20$ a month, 100GB storage space, 1TB network transfer, hosting for max 100 website and 1000 email.
  • Customers support 24/7.



Nearly free speech


  • Nearly free speech:  it works little bit different than the others.  They offer hosting for static sites and hosting for dynamic sites.  You pay 0.01$ a day + storage and data transfer, which is dick space= 0.01$ for 1MB a moth.  Data transfer = starts 1$ per GB and goes down.
  • After you’ve transferred You getup to:
  • 1 GB1GB / $1($1.00 / GB)
  • 10 GB2GB / $1($0.50 / GB)
  • 100 GB3GB / $1($0.33 / GB)
  • 1,000 GB4GB / $1($0.25 / GB)
  • 10,000 GB5GB / $1($0.20 / GB)


Dream host

  • Dream host, offers one option which is 8.95$ a month.
  • It claims that space, emails, data trafficking and websites that are hosted that all are unlimited.  
  • They also have a 24 hours email, customers support.


All have different options and different capacities, all of the companies offer pretty much the same, however some tell you what is your limit and some don’t.  Most of them offer databases and customer service which is quiet important. It also depends on how much space you will need and how many people will be visiting your site.



Active 24: from the reviews the customers do not feel very happy, most of them complain about poor customer service and not very good performance. People can’t reach their customers service not even on phone or email. Some said the performance is poor and the servers are off time to time. The reason why some customers stayed was because of easy set up. Most of their customers do not recommend joining them.

Cesky hosting: it was hard to find review so I only have few, one customer was complaining that they have turned his server off because he had too much trafficking, they said they had to do it to protect other customers. Other reviews were that customer was fairly satisfied with their job.

Media temple: customers of media temple are very satisfied with the job that media temple is doing for them. They have very good customer service, detailed and fast answers if something doesn’t work. The speed is fast not problem if a site has high trafficking. Emails and design are good to according to customers.  One said that his problem was fixed in less than 3 hours.  Customers are saying that they are fantastic and that they are very happy with the web hosting.

Nearly free speech:  most customer are quiet happy, they said the hosting is working well, it pretty fast and not very expensive. However some have complained about customer service which is not that great but usually it gets fixed.

Dream host: customers are saying that it is easy to use, however they have terrible service and they are not reliable. One customer had his site off for 3 day. Most of them were not satisfied especially with the customer service and how they care about customers.



In conclusion for my company I would definitely go for media temple because I didn’t find critical reviews and all the customers very happy with the service. The price is little bit higher than for the others, however you get far more storage space and you can have up to 100 website that can all be working for the 20$ a month. The other I would have in mind would be nearly free speech, also customers were quite happy and the prices were very low so that’s an advantage.  For and international company all of the 5 would work but as I have mentioned some customers very complaining that is slow and also that it was turned off. From the Czech site I would use cesky hosting however it was hard to find review therefore I’m only assuming its better than active 24. For a company that is serious and want to have a proper technical and customer service I would recommend media temple. The other was not so reliable and the customer service wasn’t very good.  Sites like active 24 and dream host I would not use at all because of bad recommendation and experiences from previous customers.


Square space: is a company that sells software publishing platform and file server service in order for business or individuals to be able to create a decent web page. They will give you the opportunity to create any website you want and they will provide you with hosting, security and back up. This is an advantage because everything is in one place. For 16$ a month you have unlimited web pages, storage space and data trafficking. There is also on 24/7 service. On square space you can have your blog done the way you want and they will provide you with hosting and also domain name which is necessary, therefore it is an advantage because you will not have to go and pay to other site to provide you with hosting.  If you want to maintain a blog or a small web site under you name for example, this is perfect because you will not have to pay for domain name at one site and then pay for hosting in other site. They will give you both for one price and also you have templates for creating the blog or web site therefore all the set up and signing up and making it run is very easy. In this case I would use square space and no other hosting company.




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