Google apps

Google apps is fairly new product from apple, it is online program that manages your email. It allows you to use your domain name, therefore you email can have the name of the company. (For example This is a big benefit to the company, Google apps let you to create lot of emails under one company name that is kind of connected together so that everybody within the company can use it. This means that there will be only one administrative person to maintain it. If we take Google mail (g-mail) it does not let you to do that you can create only individual account. Google apps also let you use most products such as calendar and documents. It has 7gb of storage space which is good for companies, also the security is also better on Google apps than Gmail and it prevents from spam.

Google apps

The difference between Google app and web hosting providers is very simple Google provides you with their cover page but your own domain name for email, and has much better spam controlling system. Google apps is specially created for businesses for easy maintaining. Creating your own mail server is very expensive and you need few IT people in order to control it. It will also not have such a good spam controlling system.

Price of Google apps differs there are 3 different options. The first option is as a free user which gives you basic apps. The second options is for 5$ a month for one user this options already give you more programs and also 24/7 customer service. The last option is for 10$ a month which gives you all possible apps. This is usually for business, you can also get discounts for student programs. Google apps can became quite expensive for big companies however it will still be cheaper than the other options.

Google apps also offer different programs than email, the programs are calendar, documents, sites, talks and Google group. These are also very helpful for business because it is easy to work with them and helps the business to be effective. The benefits of using Google apps are that the security is very good and the businesses do not have to worry about viruses or spam. Also using Google apps it has a big advantage that the work is back up on Google servers which is great for every business. I also think that it is easy for the company to keep control of it because they just need one IT person to do it. This also saves cost for them.

In order to create an Google app account for a business you need to buy and create a domain name, which cost about 10$ a year ( in order for this to work you also need to web hosting that Google apps does not create, you need to change you DNS and then sign up for Google apps with the main name of the company that will make it work.  The process it fairly simple and every business can create it and use the benefits of Google apps.

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