Digital marketing and eCRM

digital marketing

ECRM– known as electronic customer relationship marketing is there to manage the relationship with the customers, by using strategies to recognize and accomplish the customers’ needs. Digital marketing is very important now days, because all companies are advertising online through internet. They use computers, phones, tables and all digital apparatus. In this case the eCRM becomes very important and plays significant role, because it manages all the information about the customers and companies in order to have better relationship with them and making sure that the customers will stay loyal to them. It is also very hard to manage information about customers because they are all using digital platforms to do all activities. It can became more efficient than the classical CRM when communications and maintaining information about the customers. ECRM provides business with the ability to communicate with customers over Internet  email, surveys or social media Using eCRM the businesses will have the opportunity to convert social media data into real business data which is important because everybody in businesses is using Internet and social media to maintain relationship with customers. Digital marketing attracted lot of companies because it is cheap and effective of how to promote, advertise and communicate from the business. It is very easy to work with, therefore the company is saving money and also time because they don’t need experts on all stuff to do it.

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Public relation

public relations

Public relation is a tactical way of an online communication, through E-mail, Facebook, internet websites and many others. This helps to create a better relationship with your customers. When a company has a better relationship with its customer they are more likely to come back or shop more often. They need to be sending email or give them calendars for example, it also depend on the company. Either way this will show them that the company cares about them, therefore they will be more satisfied. It is important to talk to them give them good offers and they to make them loyal to your company. Public relation will improve the way your customers think about you and the word of mouth will attract even more new customers. This is very beneficial to you because it doesn’t cost any money at all.Because of Internet companies can have conversations on both online and offline media which again might improve the loyalty of your customers. In order to be affective in public relations you will need to have good communication skills, knowledge about communication and be able to use online media such as blogs.

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SEM (search engine marketing)

Search engine marketing

When using PPC, pay per click it will show immediate results which is a great benefit for the company, because they will know what keywords to use. There is great control of it, therefore it can be changed from day to day and look for new key words. When using organic search which is for free, there is great opportunity for company and individuals to use it for long time, however most people will click on the top sites. This might be a problem if they are not known These will guarantee to the company that they will have better idea of what are people looking at their site and what key words they are using to get to the site, which can be than changed and improved in order to have better trafficking. It will increase the brand awareness which is advantage for the company. More possible viewers will be looking at your site, which could bring you more sales for example when dealing with blog. It will also attract more targeted audience due to key words that the company will have after their research and it will match with the words that customers are looking for. Also here is an video for better understanding of SEM.

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How to make your blog more visible

Search engine optimization process

It is true that blogs are hard to find on the internet, especially when they are not big and very know. The completion on online sites and blogs is fairly big, therefore it is important for you to know what people are searching for. If you know that you will have higher chance of being found. My blog for the class of Internet marketing is very small and not know. Therefore search engine marketing could help me to change that. Search engine marketing will help me to figure what keywords are people typing in order to find my blog, this means I could than go and change the words in my blog more in order for my readers to find me quicker and also have more people reading my blog through the new keywords that where the most popular while searching. This is a great way of how to have higher blog traffic, and reach greater number of people.  I could test PPC (pay per click) to see what people are most clicking at and then change my words to have the highest possible trafficking but for free. Or use tools such as Google analytics and see if my customers are staying at my site or if they are just bouncing, this would mean that it is probably not what they are looking for. All this would help me to change my keywords or the whole blog post in order to have more visitors and fewer bouncers. In my other blog post I have described what PPC is and how it works and also how can Google analytics help you with blogs or other webpages.

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Corporate Blogging


Blogging is effective advertising tool for many companies, there are many advantages to it, but it also comes up with many challenges as well. Benefits of corporate blogging are following. For and organization is can easily develop trust and relationship with their customers and at the same time the company can advertise and promote their existing and new products. Since blogging is very popular these days it will be an advantage for the company because they might have new customers who will find about their product throughout blogging. This could be a younger population, which the company might not have as their main target of advertising. It is very good way of how to introduce experts opinion to the company’s customers, and how to explain to customers how can the product benefit them. Customers have the opportunity to put feedbacks, which are very important for the company. The company can use the customer’s feedback as ideas that could be used for development or just to know how is the company standing. Compare to other options of communication with customers, blogging is very cheap. In my opinion blogging can be very useful, however it does need to be done well and it takes quiet lot of time.

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Marketing mix

Marketing mix

The extended marketing mix also known as the 7’p is the extension to the original 4’p which is Price, product, promotion and placement. The extended 3’p which is people, process and physical evidence are there to meet the marketing objectives and the requirements to satisfy customers. The extended marketing mix helps to market services, because it includes more about the people involved, the process in which the services are delivered and also the environment in which the service is being delivered.  Using the 7’p in correct combination can result in improving the effectiveness of marketing. This helps specially when working with services because you can better analyse the customer and how they get to the product. Which would be the process and it is very important for business to know how is it done because for a service it is a necessity. Services are much harder to market because of the process that is done in the service, therefore it is important to know how the 7’p work in order to have a quality service.

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Pay per click advertising


Creating a pay per click campaign is usually done in order for companies to increase their trafficking to figure out what key words and what are the customers clicking on the site. This will help later on with the blog, because I would be able to set it and change it in such a way that would be the most affective when people are searching. When creating a pay per click campaign there are several steps that are very important and without them the campaign would not be affective. To start with, it is very important to know the budget that you or the company is willing to spend for the pay per click campaign, if the company is limited by the finance they need to be very specific and try to pay as little as possible for the best results. Secondly, you need to know who your target customers are in order to know how the customer will find you in the search engine. The last very important step is to know what key words you will be using in the pay per click advertisement, because only with the right keywords you can have a successful business advertising campaign. To continue you also need to use right keywords and attention grabbing headlines in order for the people to click on the advertisement, so that the companies would know which keywords to use when looking for them through search engine. It is also important to know which search engine you will be using. Most of the time it will be Google, however in some countries it might be better to use a different search engine. Another important thing is to know what your customers are looking for. If they are looking for computers you need to form your key search and advertisement in such a way so that as much as people will be able to find it. To finish up, monitoring PPC campaign is very important in order to have successful results from this campaign in order to be working on organic search after and still have high site traffic.

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